High-gloss Walls for Classy, High-end Painting

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Most homes reserve glossy paint for the trim and moldings, and they generally use semi-gloss. Hardly anyone uses high-gloss interior paint, especially on walls. However, if glossy paint is applied correctly, it can turn an ordinary wall into a glowing, extraordinarily rich showpiece.

High-gloss interior paint is not often used on walls because it is very difficult to make it turn out well. It will draw attention to any flaws in the walls, and it will highlight any imperfections in the application process. Finally, glossy finishes done with less-than-premium paints often look more like a plastic lunchbox finish, rather than a classy showpiece.

Premium Paints for a High-gloss Finish

In order to produce a really superior look with high-gloss paints, it is important to use only the best products. For example, Fine Paints of Europe has some amazing high-gloss products that bring elegance and shine to a new level. Farrow and Ball also features a line of full-gloss house paints that are many steps above most of the competition.

The difference between premium paints and typical house paints can be seen in the uniformity of the finish, looking like the surface of a windless lake. But also like a calm lake, these high-gloss colors seem to have hidden depths and rich complexity.

Preparation and Application

No matter how fantastic the paint product is, the wall will never look like polished marble unless the surfaces are prepared properly. All imperfections must be removed by a painstaking process of filling and sanding, eliminating irregularities. In many cases, a specific type of primer must be applied next, to ensure the perfect adhesion of the high-gloss wall paint.

Finally comes the application of the paint itself. Some glossy paints go on best with a spray gun, while others do best with a roller. In either case, the paint must be applied patiently and skillfully, to assure a uniform coating, with no roller marks or drips. A high-quality paint will dry more slowly than usual, which allows the application lines to disappear. Usually, it takes two or three coats to achieve the final, flawless finish.

Choosing a Contractor

If you want to use high-gloss paint in your home, your choice of painting contractor is crucial. Sundeleaf Painting has the requisite experience and training to apply high-gloss paint with spectacular results. In fact, we are one of only two contractors in the state of Oregon who are certified by Fine Paints of Europe.

When you hire Sundeleaf for your high-end residential painting, you can be assured of excellence in every stage of the process. Our previous painting clients here in the Portland area include some of the most exclusive homes in the region.

Contact Sundeleaf Painting today to discuss your dreams for a classy, glossy paint job.

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