Fully Protected! How a Premium House Painter Uses Tape and Plastic

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, December 31, 2020

A knight is nothing without his armor, and no astronaut would leave the International Space Station without her space suit! Likewise, a professional house painter relies on protective equipment to do each job correctly. Fortunately, this protection is much less bulky than a suit of armor, and far less expensive than a space suit! Painter's tape and plastic sheeting are all the armor we need for most jobs!

With appropriate training and caution, these two simple resources enable us to provide spectacular painting services with no risk of damaging your home. Let's take a quick survey of some of the ways we have protected Portland homes during recent projects.

Painting and Refinishing Projects in Portland

In this first photo, we are refinishing wooden doors in our custom spray shop. You can see the glass protected with tape and plastic, and also on the left, the carefully-wrapped doorknob.

Protecting wooden doors as we refinish them in our spray shop

Next, see how one small strip of tape allows us to create a crisp, beautiful line where this countertop meets the kitchen walls.

kitchen painting in Portland

In the following photo, you can see how we protect the floor with heavy-duty paper and tape. We also used plastic to seal off this area from the other parts of the house, preventing the spread of paint fumes and particles.

Portland house painter protecting floors with paper and tape

Finally, a shot of some meticulously prepared windows. With the tape and plastic applied this carefully, the painting goes quickly and easily. Once the protection is pulled off, the results are spectacular!

Protecting windows during Portland residential painting project

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