Fine Craftsmanship Endures! Why Quality Painting Matters

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What do the Great Wall of China and the sarcophagus of King Tut have in common? Amazing preservation! They stand as testaments to the fact that quality craftsmanship will endure far beyond the expectations of mediocre workmanship. That’s not to say that they are impervious to time (after all, the Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel have needed restoration), but they do show us that quality work is worth the effort. At Sundeleaf Painting, we believe the same principle is true for house painting (albeit on a smaller scale).

Our residential painting crews are focused on quality in every detail, so that the paint in your home will endure far longer than a typical paint job. Of course, we can't guarantee it will still be there in a thousand years, but we can promise that your painting results will be beautiful and long-lasting.

How do we do this?

Premium Paints for High-end Paint Jobs

One of the best ways to ensure attractive and enduring paint jobs, whether interior or exterior, is by using only top-quality paints. These paints have better ingredients and fewer fillers, providing more even coverage and a surface that is more resistant to scuffs, nicks, stains and scrapes.

Thorough Surface Preparation

For interior painting, thorough surface preparation means ensuring a clean, smooth surface that the top-coat can adhere to. This might mean washing the walls, patching holes, smoothing rough areas, or even adding a skim-coat to make sure there are no irregularities. Surface preparation also involves priming in many cases, so that the previous colors are adequately covered, and the new paint will be able to cling properly.

In the case of exterior painting, the surface preparation involves cleaning the surfaces, and remediating any problems such as wood rot, flaking paint, or mildew. Finally, it often involves adding a coat of primer for added protection and better performance.

For both interior and exterior painting, this meticulous surface preparation ensures your paint will give its maximum performance and live up to its maximum lifespan.

Attention to Detail

It’s not just the products you use or the procedures you have in place that will prolong the life of your house painting. The attentiveness and conscientiousness of each painter are also key factors. At Sundeleaf Painting, we insist on careful attention to detail at every stage of a project, so that no potential problems are swept under the rug.

High-end House Painting in the Portland Area

When your home is a masterpiece designed to last, you need a painting company who will provide the right kind of care. At Sundeleaf Painting, we have three generations of painting experience, and we bring all of it to bear on your home. We provide premium painting services, including faux and decorative finishes, wallcoverings, staining and refinishing of woodwork, and much more!

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