Finding a Quality Painter - Look for an Emphasis on Training

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

finding a quality painting company

In our last article, we talked about what being a high-end painter really means (“high-end” can be an ambiguous term), and why finding one is important for you as a homeowner.

Today, we thought we’d share another attribute to look for as you choose a local, quality painting company in your particular neighborhood. It’s a simple tip. Ready for it?

Find a painting company that has an emphasis on training.

Why Is a Focus On Training Important?

Professional painting is a unique craft in that it carries a blend of old and new. What we mean is, there are certainly tried and true techniques that have stood the test of time. On the other hand, just like in any industry, products, tools, and safety procedures/equipment are always improving. Painters today need to be experts at the baseline fundamentals, but also have a willingness (and even eagerness) to keep improving, streamlining, and delivering a better finished product however possible.

In short, a focus on training says the following about a painting company:

  • We’re committed to what we do
  • We’re committed to doing it well
  • We want to keep our team safe, equipped, and efficient
  • We want to deliver the very best quality work possible
  • We have respect for our client’s home/property

So, how can you find out how important training is for your prospective painter? Just ask! They should be an open book, and if they aren't that's a red flag in itself. Browse their website as well, reading their story and developing a sense of their priorities and mission.

Are You Looking for a Professional Painter in the Portland Area?

The team here at Sundeleaf Painting is ready to help, and we would love to answer any preliminary questions you might have. And yes, we may be 85 years old, but we have a major focus on modern training and development. We’re passionate about what we do!

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