Faux Finishing Techniques: Woodgraining

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, May 21, 2018

Sometimes the best painting technique for a specific wall is a simple, solid color. There are times, however, when an extra touch of elegance, an extra measure of class or detail, really makes a room stand out. When you want that “above and beyond” treatment to turn your interior painting into a real showpiece, faux finishing techniques are some of the best ways to do so. One of the most attractive and natural-looking of these effects is woodgraining.

What’s the Good of Woodgraining?

We believe that honesty is the best policy, so what’s the point of making something look like wood when it isn’t? Why not just put real wood there?

One good reason for woodgraining techniques is when historic, authentic woodwork has been painted with a solid color. If you want to restore the feature back to its original look, it can be extremely difficult to strip off the paint. In comparison, woodgraining is a great way to recreate the wooden look in a much less intrusive manner.

Another situation where woodgraining is very helpful is when you have a non-wood feature out of necessity, and you want it to match the rest of the area. Maybe it is a metal fire door in a high-end office, or an interior pillar covered with drywall. These kinds of features can look out of place with regular paint on them, but they become attractive features when they are woodgrained.

Does woodgraining look realistic?

You’re better off with just about any type of painting than poorly-done faux painting, so it’s important to make sure you are working with a high-end painting company who specializes in decorative finishes. However, when you have found such a company, woodgraining looks quite attractive and realistic.

Of course, it would not truly fool someone who looks closely and compares real wood to the woodgraining, but that’s not the point. We don’t do gold-leaf finishes to fool people into thinking the item is actually solid gold! The idea of woodgraining is to create a visual effect and contribute to an aesthetic atmosphere, and this faux painting technique does just that!

Faux Finishes and Decorative Painting in the Portland Area

For homes and businesses in the Portland area, Sundeleaf Painting is proud to offer woodgraining and several other faux finishing techniques. Our other decorative finishes include venetian plaster, strie, metallic paints, crackle finishes, marbleizing, color washes, Terra Fresco, rag rolling, sponge painting, and more!

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