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Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, March 08, 2013

Exterior Season is quickly approaching, which means it's time for Exterior Stucco repairs and Color Coating. As it happens, Exterior Stucco painting is one of Sundeleaf Painting's specialties. While we work with expert Stucco contractors as needed to assist in all Stucco issues, our main focus is the actual painting of exterior Stucco.

One of the main issues we see in the Portland area is poorly-installed Stucco; which, with the Pacific Northwest climate, is just asking for trouble. As noted above, we work with Stucco experts who replace the damaged surface with new Stucco, and then advise customers on paint color and type. We can also fix the color fading that can occur with Stucco.

This process differs from traditional painting. Let me describe that process.

Stucco, which is an admixture of sand, lime and water, consists of three layers. The base coat, or scratch coat, is the thickest, applied to about 1/2” thickness. The second coat, the brown coat, is applied up to 3/4” thickness and is meant to flatten the plaster, creating an even appearance. Sundeleaf Painting comes in on the final Stucco coat, which is the Color Coat. This top layer is meant for decorative, aesthetic effect.

This is where things can get tricky for the DIY enthusiast or fly-by-night paint company.

Exterior Stucco Color Coating paints are sensitive to the amount of water added to the mixture. Too much water will cause pigments to migrate, resulting in an unpleasant, uneven look which will need fixing. You also have to be aware that excessive water can cause fine check tracking in the Stucco. Not attractive and, again, it will need to be prepared. All of this is to say that the Color Coating of Stucco requires a skilled professional who does this sort of work on a regular basis.

If done well, Exterior Stucco Color Coating will last longer than paint. It will also match the original appearance of the Stucco. A limited color palette is a downside, so keep that in mind. Added expense for the Stucco repair and Color Coat might also seem unattractive at first, until home and business owners consider the fact that over time a great Stucco paint job will cost less in repairs and repainting.

If you have any questions about Stucco Color Coating for your Portland-era home or business, give us a call 503-236-9797 at or email us sam@sundeleafpainting.com.

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