Exterior Painting Season Is in Full Bloom In Portland, Oregon!

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Sunday, July 26, 2020

exterior house painting

When the clouds part and the sun shines through, we know what to do. 

Summer is here, and our exterior painting season is in full bloom. While we love our indoor projects, there’s something special about helping our neighbors care for their home’s hardworking exterior surfaces. Fresh paint, stain, wood repair… Each service is designed to erase the signs of age and weather, restoring and protecting at-risk materials. 

Today, let’s take a quick tour of a few of our favorite recent projects. And, if you have your own project in mind, be sure to contact us! We’d love to serve you however we can.

Routine Touch-Ups and Home Maintenance Painting

If you wait until there’s total paint failure, you’ve waited too long. 

Looking for worn, faded paint is a perfect starting point, especially in those areas that face the harshest weather and most exposure. In this case, our team helped wrap up some lighter maintenance painting, restoring that “fresh” look and full protection.

Railing Painting

Talk about exposure! The elements had taken their toll, with worn down coatings and rust spots. Our team cleaned, prepped, caulked, and coated the surface, ensuring that the railing doesn’t detract from that exceptional view. 

Refinishing a Wood Deck

Stain not only adds style and personality to your deck, but also an essential layer of protection. In fact, the right finish can shield against UV damage, moisture intrusion, pests, and more. There’s just no better way to give your home’s wood a long and beautiful life.

This photo speaks for itself! What a difference (learn more here!).

The Photo of the Month!

Last but definitely not least, here’s our photo of the month. It was such a privilege to paint this stunning Portland home! It’s hard to tell from this perspective, but the view is also fantastic. 

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