Exterior House Painting in Portland’s Goose Hollow Neighborhood – This Is What Prep Looks Like!

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, June 11, 2018

A great exterior paint job is easy to spot, with its true colors, even finish, clean lines, and overall “wow” factor. We see a lot of those great paint jobs on beautiful homes here in the Goose Hollow neighborhood. Did you know that you can also spot a great painting preparation job? You may think that because the preparation work is done behind the scenes, you can’t see it in the finished product, but that is definitely not the case. In fact, when you see that great exterior paint job, you are (at least in part) seeing the results of great surface preparation!

How Do You Recognize Great Painting Preparation?

One vital step in exterior house painting is protecting all the non-painted surfaces. This includes concrete walkways, railings and gutters, windows, and even the bushes. A sure way to recognize shoddy preparation is when you see drips and splatters in random locations around the house.

A quality exterior house painter will use tape to create even lines, plastic to protect vertical surfaces and delicate fixtures, and tarps or drop cloths to protect ground surfaces.

Another important part of great preparation is cleaning the surfaces. If you just show up and start rolling or spraying the new paint on, several problems are likely. First, there will be bits of debris and dirt that get caught in the paint, making it lumpy. Many times, those items will later peel off, leaving spaces where you can see the old paint color. Additionally, if you don’t clean, the new paint may not adhere properly, increasing the likelihood of paint failure.

When you hire a reputable painting contractor, all surfaces that are going to be painted will be cleaned of contaminants like pollen, dust, mildew and bird droppings. With the amount of rain that falls in the Goose Hollow neighborhood, mildew can really creep up on us! But cleaning the walls creates a clean canvas for a beautiful coat of paint.

If there is any damage on your home exterior, such as wood that has suffered water damage, stucco that has cracked, or metal that has begun to rust, it must be fixed before the exterior painting happens. If this is not taken care of correctly, the new paint is sure to fail, and the problem areas will show through the new paint even when it is fresh.

Finally, before the painting can happen, primer must be applied to any areas where repairs took place, such as on bare metal or wood. Also, if the color of the walls is greatly changed, a coat of primer can help provide better coverage in fewer coats.

Better Preparation for a Better Exterior Paint Job

Once the surface preparation is complete and the top coats of paint are applied, you can see the difference in many ways:

  • No paint drips or uneven lines
  • Smooth, even finish
  • Sound surfaces

However, there is another way you can recognize quality preparation, but it only shows up over time. It’s the longevity of the paint job! When a house has been properly prepared for exterior painting, the paint will look better for longer, protecting the home and keeping it beautiful.

Superior Exterior Painting

For three generations, Sundeleaf Painting has been providing exceptional exterior painting in the Goose Hollow neighborhood and throughout the Portland Metropolitan Area. We emphasize quality in every part of our work, from the surface preparation through the final application and cleanup.

In addition to exterior painting, we offer wood staining and deck restoration, interior painting, and more. Call us to schedule an estimate or to ask any questions you might have. 

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