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Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, April 26, 2019

Now that the weather has taken a turn for the better, our team has been enjoying some outdoor projects! We thought that you would enjoy seeing this recent staining job just as much as we enjoyed finishing it.

This beautiful home has lots of natural wood that needed to be restained! Although all homes need a fresh coat of paint eventually, there are some special steps that we take when repainting wood surfaces. In order to keep your wood looking its best, there are several steps that must be taken during the painting process.

When should you refinish your wood?

As you well know, protecting wood against rot is a constant battle. Sunlight and moisture will slowly break down the surface of natural wood. This will cause it to crack and turn grey.

One of the biggest signs that the surface is no longer protected from the weather is when it no longer repels water. Although this deterioration process is inevitable, there are several things you can do to increase the longevity of your natural wood siding.

Proper surface preparation

Before wood can be restained, there are several preparation steps that need to be completed. The first step is to repair damage. If the damaged area is small, your contractor may remove the rot, and add a patch. For spots that are larger, the entire piece of wood should be replaced. This will protect the integrity of your home.

After the wood has been patched, it will be time to clean the surface. Siding, decks and fences collect dust, mildew and debris. All of this must be cleaned before we add the stain.

Some of the other steps we may take include:

  • Power washing

  • Removing old paint

  • Sanding the surface

  • Sealing and priming

What are the benefits of stain?

The process of restaining natural wood seals the surface and keeps splinters from forming. It also adds a barrier of protection against the sun, moisture, wind, pests and rot. This means that your natural wood deck, siding or fence will last much, much longer!

High quality stain will not fade, chalk or change color. Plus, it offers excellent UV resistance.  Proper treatment and care of this stain means that the surface will retain its color, durability and overall appearance for many years.

Portland’s preferred painter of choice

Sundeleaf Painting has been serving the Portland communities since 1930. Our team’s reputation for the highest quality of work is evident in each project that we complete.  The Sundeleaf Painting approach to each project ensures that your home will look it’s best year after year. Give us a call to schedule an estimate, or contact us online.

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