Evaluating a House Painting Estimate: What to Look For

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

You’ve done your homework. You asked for house painting estimates from three different painting contractors, and now you need to decide which one to hire. What should you be looking for in those estimates to help you choose? Is it just the bottom line? Or is there something else you should be considering in this important decision?

There is definitely a lot more to see in a painting estimate than just the final price. After all, spending more for a quality paint job now can actually provide better long-term value, as the paint will look better and last longer than it would with a budget painting company.

Here are a few things you should look for in a house painting estimate:

Level of Surface Preparation

The longevity of a paint job is directly related to the quality of surface preparation. For exterior painting, this should include washing the siding, repairing damaged wood, removing any compromised paint, and priming any bare spots.

In the case of interior painting, surface preparation again involves cleaning the walls for proper paint adhesion. Additionally, they should fix any irregularities in the drywall or plaster and prime any areas that need it.

If the painting company does not specify these steps, don’t just assume they will get done. Ask for a written description of the steps they will take, so you can hold them to it.

Quality of Materials

Not all paints are created equal. A high-quality paint will give better color coverage and will resist fading and staining, while a lower-quality paint will give inconsistent color and have a lower life expectancy.

Your painting estimate should list the exact type of paint that the company will use. Do not just go by the brand name, since most paint companies have high-end and budget paints in their lineup.

When you have a painting company work on your home, the paint itself is a very small portion of the cost. For that reason, it is definitely worthwhile to pay for a higher-quality paint.

Number of Coats

If your house painting estimate does not specify the number of paint coats they plan to apply, chances are they just plan to do one. However, more coats of paint will ensure excellent color consistency and longer life for the paint. When you want excellent results, insist on two coats of paint, and make sure you have it in writing.


Most house painting contractors offer some kind of satisfaction guarantee, but as is often the case, the devil is in the details! Pay attention to the terms of the warranty, including how long the warranty is good for, and whether it includes materials and labor, or just the materials.

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