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Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Sunday, March 25, 2018

When a valuable estate needs painting, it’s not the time to hire the first painting company in the phonebook (or on your Google search results). You need a painting contractor who is experienced in high-end painting, who has worked in exquisite homes, and one who is experienced in historical restoration. For an estate here in the Portland area, you need Sundeleaf Painting.

Considerations for Painting a Fine Estate

In medicine, the first rule for doctors is “do no harm.” For painting contractors working in exclusive homes, the same mantra applies. When there is no room for error, a painting company must exercise the utmost caution from the moment they enter your driveway until they pack away the last of their supplies.

This kind of caution involves using protective footwear when necessary, thoroughly protecting all floors and non-painted surfaces, using best practices for paint application, maintaining a tidy work area, and performing a thorough cleanup once they are finished.

Historical Restoration Experience

For estates that have reached a respectable age and need restoration services, it is imperative that you find a painting company with experience in that area. For example, wood restoration and preservation is an essential skill for rehabilitating estates that are showing the effects of time. Additionally, it is important to hire a company with knowledge and experience relating to authentic period colors and materials.

Specialized Finishes and Textures

Few estates are painted with standard home-improvement store paints. Instead, owners are looking for specialized painting services that set their homes apart:

  • Experience with high-end paints such as Fine Paints of Europe, or Farrow & Ball Paints.
  • Faux and decorative finishing techniques.
  • High-end wallcoverings and wallpaper services
  • Plaster and drywall repair and restoration
  • Metallic coatings and high-gloss finishes

Don’t settle for just anyone with a brush and roller. Insist on a professional painter who can offer exclusive services.

Portland Area Estate Painting Company

At Sundeleaf Painting, we are pleased to offer all of the characteristics we have just mentioned. We have experience painting all kinds of high-end homes and estates. We take great care to thoroughly protect your home from any possible damage, and we are especially skilled in the area of wood restoration and revitalization. Finally, we offer a wide range of exclusive painting services, from faux finishes to exquisite wallcoverings.

For premium painting services in the Portland area, whether you need interior painting or exterior, trust Sundeleaf Painting to make sure it is done right!

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