Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Exterior Paint

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nothing feels quite like pulling up to a well-maintained home. This effect is called "curb appeal," and it's great for those who plan to live in their home for many years, or those looking to sell. Here are a few tips for enhancing your home's curb appeal, whatever your motivation might be. 

Inspect and Carpentry Repairs

After inspecting the home for any problem areas, it might be necessary to perform some light (or heavy) carpentry repairs, depending on how well-maintained your home is in the first place. Sundeleaf Painting has a history of providing our residential customers with exterior carpentry repairs, so we assure you that this is vital for the next few steps. 

Remove Old Paint

Removing a home's exterior paint job depends on several factors, from the number of underlying coatings to the surface material and even the possible presence of lead paint. Typically, sandpaper and scrapers are deployed here, but grinding, chemicals, and even heat can be used. Ask a painting contractor what the best option is for your home. This, of course, will be determined during the inspection and estimation process. 

Apply New Coating

This is the moment when things all come together. At this point, you can go with any paint colors, and bring to the fore elements of the exterior that are usually downplayed visually, and mute other areas. Contrasting colors are a possibility, too. All of this can work to enhance the home's exterior architecture, adding real estate value and curb appeal to your home. 

Other Ideas

If you have concrete sidewalks, stone masonry, or other areas that don't require coatings, you might think of having them cleaned. And, while you're at, why not do a little DIY landscape architecture and gardening to further enhance your home's curb appeal? Decks might also need some cleaning and refinishing, and metal surfaces could require some finishing as well. 

Call Sundeleaf Painting if you want to discuss any more ideas for making your home exterior look great. 

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