Cost Vs. Value: Hiring The Right Painter Is Invaluable

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, April 05, 2019

When it comes time to repaint your house, you will spend a lot of time and research before you make a decision. Each prospective contractor will offer a bid, and then it’s up to you to decide who to hire.

Without a doubt, there will be several “sticker shock” bids, as well as some bids that are so low that they seem too good to be true. Although your instinct may be to toss the higher bids out and save a few bucks, you need to look at a second aspect. Which contractor will give you the best value?

It’s easy to see the bottom dollar cost, and equate that with the value of your project. However, value and cost often go hand in hand.

How do you find a valuable painting contractor?

One click of the mouse will give you a host of contractors names to choose from. How do you find a contractor who will offer you the best value? There are several characteristics of a painting company that you should look for.

Licensed and insured

This is often overlooked by homeowners, but incredibly important to verify. Not only does this mean that the painter is complying with the local laws, but it also means that they have taken the time to provide a safe work environment for their employees.

A good painter will provide insurance to protect you, your home, and their employees in case of a workplace accident.

Do they offer a guarantee?

A good guarantee will add value to your project. This value is long lasting and it means that the painters trust their work, and are willing to stand behind it.

When a painter company uses high quality products, and hires skilled craftsmen, they know that they can offer you the best quality service. This is reflected in their guarantee.

Consistency in their process

A valuable painting contractor will have a systematic approach to each project. They will have an extensive knowledge of the painting industry, including paint technology, products and application.

In addition, their project management will be focused on providing exactly what the customer wants. They have created a system that is efficient and convenient for you.

At Sundeleaf Painting, we follow the same process for each project. There are no surprises and you will be involved every step of the way.

  • Preparation: Our painters fully prepare each surface so the finished project will be flawless

  • Painting: Using the highest quality products, and the skill that comes with years in the industry, the finished product will be flawless, and protect your surfaces for years to come.

  • Management: Your busy life should not be hampered by our team. Your personal project manager will keep you updated every step of the way.  

Who are Sundeleaf Paintings Customers?

Sundeleaf’s clients all share similar characteristics and goals when it comes to house painting.

Our customers:

  • Have busy lives, and want to hire a painting contractor who will get the job done right, with little supervision

  • Want their homes to be completed with a meticulous eye for detail

  • Are discerning and detail oriented

  • Expect top quality products, and excellent customer service

  • Understand that the overall value of the project is not found in the cheapest price

When you are ready to paint your home, there will be no hidden costs or unexpected surprises. At the end of the process, the job will be done right, and you can be confident that we have used the highest quality products, combined with the best techniques. Your home will look its best, and our painting job will withstand the test of time.  

Whether you need your interior or exterior (or both!) painted, we are confident that Sundeleaf Painting will offer you the best value for the cost of your project. Reach out to us today to schedule your estimate.

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