Consider Strie Painting for Your Next Home Interior Project

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If you're considering giving a room or multiple spaces in your home a decorative finish, give some thought to Strie Painting, also known as Dragging. Sundeleaf Painting has employed this technique a number of times over the years in the Portland Area, and it gives interior spaces a nice effect. 

The idea is to create stripes on the walls. Finely-bristled brushes produce finer, closer stripes, while wider brushes do just the opposite. The finer brush pattern, of course, isn't as noticeable as the wider-spaced brush stripes. That's one thing to keep in mind. Another thing to know is that two colors will need to be applied—a base coat and a second coat. This helps produce the striping effect on the wall's surface. A decorator's glaze will also have to be mixed with the second coat. 

Typically, a lighter color is applied in the base coat. Sometimes a second base coat will be necessary. After waiting about 24 hours, the glaze can be mixed with the second color and applied to the wall with a roller. Before the paint dries, we run a brush across the wall vertically or horizontally very carefully to avoid overlapping brush strokes. And that's really all there is to Strie Painting. 

If you have some questions about Strie Painting for your next home interior project, give Sundeleaf a call.

Image: Benjamin Moore

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