Color Ideas for a Man Cave – Interior Painting Tips

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, November 08, 2018

Do you have a room you are thinking of repurposing into a man cave? Or maybe you already have a man cave, but you want to change the colors for a fresher, more updated look? When it’s time to sort through the maze of interior colors that are available to you, a quick guide might be helpful; that’s what we’re here for! Choosing colors for your man cave should be a fun, relaxing experience, rather than a confusing, stressful one.

The most important step is to choose the overall style and feel of the room. There are three common styles that you can choose from, and once you have selected the one that best fits your man cave goals, you can narrow down your individual paint colors and other decorative items.

Man Cave Style #1 – The Apple-inspired Media Room

Some men go for the minimalistic media room look for their man caves. This generally involves neutral colors, with white ceilings and walls, black, gray, or dark brown furniture, and a few other tidy, sparse items of furniture and decoration.

This style evokes the Apple mystique, a desire for order, cleanliness, and open possibilities. Whether you want to read a book, take a nap, watch a game, listen to your music at high volume, or have a beer with a friend, this is a great place to do it! Just make sure you have beverage coasters!

Man Cave Style #2 – The Debonair Den

For men who prefer a moodier, more luxuriant feel, the man cave color choices tend towards rich, dark tones. Think of the kind of place where you might see James Bond or Bruce Wayne sipping brandy in a deep leather chair, and you get the picture!

The paint color choices for this type of man cave are usually some deep shade of red or brown, colors that convey strength, subtlety, and means. Brown, black, or red leather furnishings provide ample comfort and serenity in this classy, masculine retreat.

While the debonair den is not a sterile environment like the Apple-inspired man cave, it is generally a tidy place. The lighting is dim, the furnishings are weighty, and the items around the room are more like a curated collection than an assortment of oddments.

Man Cave Style #3 – Dorm Room 2.0

There is nothing at all wrong with having the room now that you wish you had back then! The Dorm Room 2.0 is a style for the enthusiast, whether it be a sports-center motif, a Star Wars tribute, a personalized rock-and-roll hall of fame, or a general nostalgia fest.

This man cave generally sports an off-beat, semi-chaotic décor, which could include movie posters, sports memorabilia, electric guitars, and similar items. The color scheme for a room like this should depend on what you most want to showcase. Black walls are a great backdrop for posters, white walls work very nicely for sports memorabilia, and of course, you can always go with the team colors of your favorite football crew!

A great way to get energy, color, and style into this type of man cave is with an accent wall. For example, you could paint three walls blue and one orange, or three walls black and one crimson. You can also do an accent stripe, like a vertical yellow stripe on a deep gray wall.

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