Choosing Paint Colors

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Sunday, October 24, 2010

Choosing the right paint colors for your home sounds like fun, but often seems to result in an agony of indecision. When you’re trying to choose paint colors for your home, consider your furniture, your flooring and the structural elements of your home, like windows as you make your choices.

Choosing the Best Paint Colors Based on Meaning and Emotion

Many people opt to select paint colors based on emotion and meaning. For example, green is thought to be a soothing, relaxing color. Green has long been the color of choice for doctors, hospitals and other stress-inducing environments. You don’t have to choose “hospital green” for your home. There are many shades of soft green that can still invoke calm, making the room a tranquil respite, while being stylish and beautiful, too.

Choosing Paint Color Based on Furniture

We tend to keep our couches and beds for many years- even decades. And rightfully so; these are big purchases and unless they are accidentally damaged, there’s no real reason to replace a couch or a bed until it wears out. If you know that certain pieces of furniture will remain unchanged, use this as your guide for selecting paint colors. A dark brown leather couch snuggles into the warmth of a slate blue room. A white bed pops against a deep red striped accent wall. Pale yellow paint makes an antique armoire pop and warm jewel tones can brighten older furniture in any guest room.

Choose Paint Color Based on Flooring 

Your flooring is also something that isn’t likely to change very often and can be a factor in choosing paint colors. If you have light oak hardwood floors, you might be surprised to find that they are enhanced by orange walls and white molding. Dark cherry floors are highlighted by painting the walls a dark red. Berber carpet lends itself to almost any wall color. Colored carpets benefit with neutral tones on walls.
Windows and other structural elements in a home can impact painting decisions. Homes with windows that are features, like bay windows, or a window that frames a tree in the yard, are further emphasized with chair rail painting techniques.

Luckily, our expert staff can provide input and ideas on color combinations to use in your home. Tell us that you’re undecided, and we’ll walk you through some color choices for painting your home. Having that all-important second opinion is critical, and can definitely help you make your final decision.

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