Caring for Your Home Like You Care for Your Car

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Premium House Painting

When you drive a fine automobile, you don’t bring it to any old mechanic for maintenance or repairs. Instead, you entrust your wheels to a professional who is trained and experienced in exactly what your car needs. If that’s the case with your car, why would you do any less with your home, which is an even more valuable investment?

At Sundeleaf Painting, we believe that high-end residential painting has a lot in common with working on high-end vehicles. If the similarity isn’t one you’ve previously considered, let’s look at a few of the characteristics they share.

Caution with Valuable Surfaces

No respectable auto technician is going to sit on your leather seats with greasy coveralls, or leave grimy fingermarks on your rims. Rather, they will take extra precautions to make sure that no surfaces are soiled and no damage happens to your vehicle.

In the same way, a high-end painter knows how to work in a fine home without leaving any telltale signs. We carefully cover all non-painted surfaces to ensure that not a fleck or a drip of paint will land where it doesn’t belong. Additionally, we use great caution as we bring our equipment into and out of the home, and as we set up the work area. Rest assured, there will be no ladder-shaped dents in your doors, no shoe scuffs on your walls, and no “oopses” with your artwork.

Use the Proper Parts

When you bring your vehicle to the shop for service, it is understood that they will be using the intended parts and fluids. There aren’t any coat-hanger solutions or duct tape repairs, nor will there be off-brand parts or generic fluids. Your auto technician uses the correct parts and the premium fluids your car needs.

For a professional painter, all the skill in the world can’t make up for inferior products or equipment. That is why we use premium house paints, whether we perform interior painting or exterior. This delivers truer colors, better coverage, and longer-lasting beauty. Additionally, we use the best tools, including spray equipment, brushes, rollers and tape, ensuring your house painting is second to none!

It’s All About Precision!

Your vehicle is a finely-tuned machine, a masterpiece of artistry and engineering. Those who work on your motor understand that balance, and their craft is all about precision.

In the world of painting, precision is also essential. This begins from the first steps, when we prepare surfaces by smoothing out irregularities and repairing flaws. We prime where needed, and we use industry best practices to apply our products. We are detail-oriented, focusing on clean, straight lines and uniform surfaces.

A High-End Tune-up for Your Portland Home

When your home is ready for expert attention from experienced and respected craftsmen, Sundeleaf Painting is ready to serve you! In addition to interior and exterior painting, we also provide faux finishing and decorative effects, high-end wallcoverings, wood restoration and refinishing, pressure washing, color consultation, concrete cleaning, and more.

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