Cabinet Painting in Portland - Which Color Would Work Best in Your Home?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, April 16, 2015

It’s no secret that more and more homeowners are having their cabinets painted as an alternative to traditional staining and refinishing. It’s also a great way to avoid a costly replacement while still enjoying custom, transformative style.

We recently (as you may have already noticed from the photos above!) painted a local client’s kitchen cabinets, and we were asked to use a bold red. After sharing this on social media, we received quite a variety of comments! Primarily, they were positive. Red is, after all, a warm and friendly color.

We also received a number of comments that revolved around the same essential question: is this kind of color scheme popular right now?

What Are Popular Cabinet Colors?

Red is certainly a bold decision, but in this particular space it really does work. As a side note, in case you’re considering it for your home, you should bear in mind that red is difficult to work with. It requires very careful preparation and application.

The current popular colors for painted cabinets include natural, earthy tones. Sometimes specialty finish techniques are also applied, like antiquing, but the colors themselves are often inspired by nature. That’s why it’s common to see deep browns, soft greens, creamy colors, buttery yellow, and so on.

How Do You Choose Cabinet Colors?

One important thing to remember is that these cabinets are yours, and they're in your home. As long as you love them and the finish quality is what it should be, how can you go wrong?

But if you are trying to find your perfect style, you really have a couple of primary options:

  • Be an idea thief - There are nearly limitless resources right at your fingertips thanks to sites like Follow this link to see what we mean: painted kitchen cabinets.
  • Talk to a professional painter - Just because a certain color or style looks great in one kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look great in another! Talk to a cabinet painting professional near you, and discuss your goals and style ideas. They can help you create an informed decision based on your own kitchen.

Are You Looking for a Portland Painting Company?

If you live in the Portland area and are looking for a quality painter to help with your cabinet painting project, we hope you will contact us at Sundeleaf Painting. We offer a wide variety of painting services, and even have a unique spray shop as well. Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have!

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