Antique Finish Adds Excitement

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, March 10, 2011

Add Excitement with an Antique Finish

Add opulence to any room in your home with an antique finish. Using a faux finish adds depth and luxury to painted walls. This treatment can be done in several ways. An antique finish can have a leather or “sueded” appearance, and can be done using a tonal color-on-color paint scheme or in contrasting colors.

Get the Look of Leather with a Faux Finish 

One type of faux finish that works well on painted walls is a method that looks like leather or suede when completed. This type of antique finish is often created using shades of brown, taupe, yellow or gold. Leather-look paint finish works especially well in dens, living rooms and family rooms. This is one of many ways that paint can take the place of wallpaper. There’s no messy, expensive paper to hang, but the end result is a gorgeous finish that looks rich and aged.

Color-on-Color Antique Finish 

Add warmth and interest to a great room with a color-on-color antique finish. Gold over gold, ivory over ivory and pale yellow over pale yellow are all examples of common color on color antique finish combinations. When you choose a color on color, the look is subtle, yet expensive. If you don’t want subtlety, try contrasting colors like gold over red to add high drama to a dining room or an entryway.

Antique finishes, faux finishes and similar paint treatments should be done by professionals. If done incorrectly, the finish won’t look antique- it will just look slipshod. If you’re considering an antique finish for your home, ask the experts at Sundeleaf Painting about processes used to achieve this look. The professional consultants at Sundeleaf will help you choose colors and styles that suit your rooms, your furniture, and, your personal style.

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