Add a Shot of Color to Bathrooms with Paint

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Many people instinctually paint bathrooms white, to make them look larger. Instead, see how color can make bathrooms sparkle. Make your bathroom a focal point using paint.

Perk Up a Bathroom with Paint

Bathrooms tend to be the most neglected room in the house, when it comes to painting the walls. But a bathroom can be the most interesting and fun room in the house, if you’re willing to experiment. Ideas might include using ocean-inspired paint colors or contrasting paint colors for a master bathroom.

Faux Finishes Add Texture and Life to Painted Walls

A faux finish adds a beautiful texture to painted walls in any bathroom. Use this technique for a bathroom that is off a main entryway or that gets a lot of traffic. The professional look of a faux finish adds depth and interest to bathroom walls. Choose monochromatic paint colors that are reminiscent of Europe, leather or old architecture for a beautiful faux finish that attracts interest for years.

Splash Painting Technique Livens Up a Bathroom 

Splash paint (or spatter paint) brings an element of abstract art to your bathroom and allows you to experiment with color. After walls are painted, a contrasting color is “splashed” on one or more of the walls, creating a spattered paint effect. Multiple colors can be used as part of the splash painting, to add dimension and depth to the walls. Some color combinations we love for splash painting include red and blue, pale green, navy blue and white, and orange, lime and ivory. The colors you choose might reflect your favorite colors or the colors of your linens and accent pieces in the bathroom.

Sundeleaf Painting has more than 80 years’ experience helping customers find the best color combinations for their homes. We do more than “just” paint - our Portland, Oregon consultant and painting pros can help you choose the paint colors that are right for you, drawing on our years of experience.


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