6 Ways to Stay Safe On Your Ladder This Summer

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, June 30, 2016

safety on a ladder

Before we dive into a few ladder safety tips, we should start by saying that we suggest using a ladder as rarely as possible, especially if you aren’t very comfortable or familiar with heights. There are rarely minor injuries when you take a spill at roof-level.

Even as a professional painting company, we take safety extremely seriously. Training is an ongoing process, especially when it comes to dealing with ladder work and heights.

Before Working On a Ladder, Don’t Forget To…

  • Give your ladder a quick check. Assuming it’s in good repair can be dangerous, especially if it’s borrowed equipment. Look for dirt or caked on coatings that might make the rungs slick too.
  • Find only solid ground to base your ladder on. A precarious or uneven surface just isn’t worth the risk.
  • Wear grippy, rubber-soled shoes. Flip flops are definitely a no-no when it comes to working in the air.
  • Make sure your ladder reaches at least three feet above the highest level at which you’ll be working.
  • As you ascend, descend, and perform your work, keep your shoulders within the width of the rails to ensure stability. Lots of leaning and stretching is a bad idea.
  • Keep away from power lines! Especially if you’re on a metal ladder, this can be extremely dangerous. Not many people realize that electricity can arc to your ladder as well, so making direct contact is not the only danger.

Play It Safe and Contact a Professional!

If you need help with your painting project this summer, we hope you’ll contact your Portland painting professional: Sundeleaf Painting. We’re here to help!

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