5 Ways To Make Sure Your Deck Is Ready for Summer

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

At last! We’ve finally made it to summer, and we know you must be as excited as we are. The kids are done with school and you’re preparing for those perfect morning coffees in the sun, and summer evenings at home with family and friends. And of course- the barbeques! 

While you prepare, here are a few tips on how to perfect your deck.

#1 Deep Cleaning Your Deck Is Important

Before you do anything else with your deck, give it a good sweep and power wash. Slowly power washing the boards of your deck will help release the build up of dirt and grime that has collected over the cold, wet months. This will also help you take inventory of any damage that may need further attention. 

#2 Repair Any Damages

It is (unfortunately) natural for wood rot to occur over time. Don’t worry though, it's good that you are identifying problem areas now so that everyone that walks on your deck stays safe. Repairing these spots will be important for strong, structural integrity that will last.

#3 Sand It Down

Months of weather changes can create splinters. Sanding down the wooden boards will help smooth out any rough edges, adding protection for even the littlest of feet that might walk onto your deck. 

#4 Stain or Paint

Along with sanding, staining or painting your deck will add another layer of protection from splinters that naturally occur in wood. Not to mention, it makes your deck look AMAZING!

#5 Add a Little Something

It is always fun to add a little something to your deck to make your summer that much more exciting. If you’re thinking about customizing your deck to what you want, now’s the time- especially if you’ve already made it through these steps! The sky's the limit but here are some ideas for you to get you thinking: built in seating, flower beds, or perhaps a nifty way to hang your hammock. You get the point! There are so many cool ways to customize your deck.

Sundeleaf would love to help you get your deck to perfection so that you can focus on planning your barbeque gatherings! Our team of experts is ready! Contact us today to get started.

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