5 Steps to Exceptional Exterior House Painting

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, April 30, 2021

Nothing excellent happens by accident. From exquisite sculptures to performance engines to elaborate choreography, it takes deliberate, concerted, consistent effort to produce an amazing result. Even exterior house painting, though it might not be in the same category as the previous examples, takes skill and dedication. In order to achieve a spectacular painting result, you need the right planning, protection, preparation, products, and professionalism.*

Planning an Exterior Painting Project

A successful exterior paint job begins with the estimate, where the estimator asks careful questions to understand exactly what the homeowner is hoping for. Once a bid is accepted, the painting company works closely with the homeowners to make a solid plan. This includes color choices, of course, but it also involves planning the flow and logistics of the project. A great plan is one that will enable efficient progress on the project with minimal impact or inconvenience on the residents of the home.

Proper Protection

Exterior painting companies adhere to the same creed as the medical profession: "First, do no harm." We want to make sure that your Portland home is thoroughly protected, so that the only lasting sign of our presence is the enhanced beauty of the house! This means we use drop cloths, plastic, tape, tarps, ladder mitts, ladder standoffs, and more, to prevent damage to your walls, siding, landscaping or fixtures. 

Preparation for Exterior Painting

Before a drop of paint is applied to the walls, it is important to get the surfaces prepared. The two goals are that the surfaces are clean and sound. Your Portland exterior painting contractor may use pressure washing to remove surface residue that would otherwise interfere with paint adhesion. Ensuring a sound surface involves scraping away any loose paint, repairing any damaged wood, caulking any open seams, and priming any bare wood or metal. Once these steps are complete, your walls are ready for paint!

Exterior Painting Products

The goal of exterior painting is that your Portland home will look exquisite and be fully protected from the weather for many years to come. That being the case, it simply does not make sense to use budget paints. When you use premium primers and paints, the colors are richer, the coatings last longer, and your home has a more secure barrier against the elements. 

Professionalism in Painting

When you are looking for premium treatment for your high-end home, you can't hire any old painter with a ladder and paintbrush. You want to work with a true professional, one who values craftsmanship as an art and customer service as a guiding principle. An excellent house painting company has employees who are carefully screened and trained. They do not cut corners or skip steps. While working efficiently, they take the time to give careful attention to each step and each detail, ensuring spectacular results!

Sundeleaf Painting

For three generations, Sundeleaf Painting has been serving the Portland area, earning a reputation for premium exterior painting and exceptional customer service. In addition, we also offer interior painting, wood refinishing, concrete cleaning, and much more. Contact us for a free estimate, and find out what professionalism and craftsmanship really look like in exterior house painting!


* Perfectionistic Portland Painters Prefer to Proffer a Plethora of P's!

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