4 Keys to Long-Lasting Interior Paint

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, December 12, 2016

Unless you’re one of those people who just loves to swap out interior paint colors like you’re changing a shirt, you likely want to find an option that will truly last. You want it to wear well, look great, serve the purpose of the space, and perhaps be a color that will outlive fickle trends.

These goals are reasonable and totally achievable with the right knowledge and strategy. And, to help you get started, here are four practical interior painting tips that will set you up for success.

Picking and Applying the Perfect Interior Paint for Your Home

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#1 Start with the Right Prep

Your paint job is only as good as the preparation you invest in beforehand. If you’re hiring a professional painter to handle your project, remember to ask them what their preparation involves (this will tell you a lot about their quality of work!).

As a minimum, getting the surface ready should include:

  • Patching and repairs, as needed
  • Light sanding
  • Dusting/cleaning
  • Priming (if needed)
  • Project containment (protecting your surrounding surfaces and belongings)

#2 Careful Color Selection

If you’re working with a painting company, they likely can connect you with color consultation services to help define your goals and best options.

For the sake of the longevity we mentioned above, you may want to consider a neutral. Both warmer and cooler ends of the spectrum are extremely popular, and, as an added benefit, they really are a timeless choice.

#3 Choose a Quality Paint

Bargain paint may sound like a bargain, but it really isn’t. Cheaper products are tougher to work with, don’t last as long, and often don’t retain their color as well over time. If longevity and beauty are important to you, and we assume they are, it is definitely worthwhile to invest in a more premium product.

#4 Match Your Sheen with the Purpose

Remember, higher-gloss paint, though unforgiving of surface imperfections, is ideal for higher-traffic spaces. It’s durable, more easily washed, and offers light reflectivity.

Lower-gloss paint, like satin or flat, is easily marred and scuffed. That’s why these options are typically reserved for either very specific painting techniques or for ceilings.

Talk with Your Local Professional Painting Company!

There is just no substitute for working with a friendly, local professional. Painting is a collaborative process, and your project will certainly benefit from their experience, fresh perspective, and painting skill.

Enjoy your transformation!

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