3 Warning Signs when Choosing a Local House Painter

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Choosing a house painter can be challenging here in Portland, since there are so many companies to choose from. How do you know you are getting the most for your money? How can you be sure you will be happy, not only with the end result, but also with the process? There are many ways to find reviews and recommendations, but in addition, it is good to know some of the warning signs to watch out for.

#1 - Lack of Professional Branding

A company that values professionalism will present that in a multitude of ways. You should see a company logo on....

  • Employee uniforms

  • Company vehicles

  • Letterhead for estimates

Of course, a slick logo doesn’t guarantee great painting or excellent customer service. However, the lack of this kind of professionalism may indicate a lack of attention to other kinds of important details.

#2 - Lack of Specificity in Estimates

When you receive an estimate for interior or exterior house painting, you should not sign a contract or agree to work unless you know exactly what is included in that estimate. If those details are not specified, you are likely to end up getting a lot less than you expected, or paying a lot more for “extras” that you assumed were included.

Here are some things you should always check for in your estimate:

  • Quality of surface preparation

  • Whether primer will be used or not

  • What quality of paint is planned

  • How many coats will be applied

  • Exactly what rooms and walls are included

Also, talk with the painting contractors that you are interviewing about who is responsible for removing items from the room before the painting begins. This might not be specified in the estimate, but it is important to discuss what you are responsible for doing before the painters arrive to do the work.

#3 - Lack of Signs of Longevity

Hiring a house painter who has served the community for a number of years can give you peace of mind in several ways. First, you know that they are invested in the community and they plan to stay. That means they care about having a good reputation. Also, a well-established painting company will be easy to reach if you need to call them in the future for a warranty claim or project follow-up. A fly-by-night painter is more likely to leave you in the lurch, delivering unsatisfactory painting and being difficult to contact afterwards.

Signs of longevity include…

  • An office with a physical address

  • A professionally-crafted website

  • Licensing and insurance

  • A portfolio of past projects

  • Positive reviews on review sites

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When your Portland home is in need of attention from an excellent painting company, we encourage you to consider Sundeleaf Painting. We strive for professionalism in every aspect of our company, and we have generations of satisfied customers to show for it. Sundeleaf Painting has been a local house painting company in Portland since 1930, and we intend to continue here for at least another 80+ years!

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