2022 Paint Color Trends for Your Portland Home

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, November 11, 2021

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Choosing colors for your home can feel a little overwhelming at times. Don’t worry, we’re here to offer inspiration as you wade through your options.

Neutrals and whites have been incredibly popular over the last few years, but alas, we can see that a little color is in our view! Homeowners are ready to bring some adventure into their homes, especially after these tough couple of years. So let’s take a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon for paint colors in 2022.

Bring in Some Nature With Green Earth Tones

Gray-green, emerald green, leafy green, sage… Yes, you guessed it. Green is officially making its debut this year in homes everywhere, representing nature, peace, and tranquility. We spend much of our lives in the craziness of this world but green is indeed a mood changer, encouraging your home to be a constant place of peace. Expect to see a lot of green in the coming days on walls and even pops of color on kitchen cabinets, decor and furniture. 

Get a Little Louder With Chartreuse

Sticking with the green theme, chartreuse is a great color to make a statement with. Its retro feel will make any wall come to life with vibrant yellow and green color tones. Although you may not want such a bright color for your bedroom, this is a great choice for the main areas of your house. 

Add a Little Mystery With Deep, Dark Plumb

This dark and mysterious purple tone is a complete 180-degree turn from the clean cut beiges of yesteryear, but we think you’ll like it! Give your walls a pop of sophistication, paired with neutral-toned decor, and you’ll create a classy vibe.

Buttery Citron Yellows Bring The Sunshine to Your Home

Don’t worry if plumb isn’t your style; there’s more to consider. Choosing a warm, citron yellow might be exactly what you need. This cozy hue of yellow is perfect for a dining room, entry way, or even a living room, adding color and warmth wherever it is needed. 

You Can Still Skip the Colorful Walls and Use Warm Neutral Tones

It can often be difficult to decide on colors and sometimes sticking with a warm, neutral tone is still the best choice! Its familiarity brings a cozy comfort into your home and keeps your decor options limitless all year round. 

So what is your favorite? Whatever you do, be sure to pick the color that you love and you’ll never go wrong. Ready to get started? Contact us today so we can help you!

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